Let me share with you the secrets of how to Have A Positive Divorce, and together we can make the best of the worst year of your life!

What is HaveAPositiveDivorce and what do we offer?

Have a positive divorce
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Essential Divorce Coaching Session

Do you feel stuck with your situation and would you like some help right now? If you are about to embark on the divorce process, are recently separated, or maybe in the middle of a divorce, or have come...

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The Essential 6 Week Divorce Course

Are you in the middle of your divorce, feeling like it will never end? Are you wanting to regain control and know how to improve your situation dramatically? Do you want to give yourself a HUGE...

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Essential Divorce Wisdom

This guide -eBook and Kindle version- is a ‘must have’ if you’re hoping to have the best possible outcome to your divorce, or wish to see how you can avoid divorce or separation.  If you want to...

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New Single You eBook

Get ready to meet the next love of your life with Janet Murray’s inspiring and practical “New Single You” eBook. Honest, insightful and wise, this 44 page eGuide will help you navigate your new...

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Relax and De-stress

Research has proven that divorce, next to moving house, is the most stressful life experience. Even the death of a family member. With over 50% of marriages now ending in divorce, that’s a lot of...

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Join my new online course The Essential Divorce Course

Join my new online course, The Essential Divorce Course, which helps you through all the emotional aspects at every stage of your divorce. Please take a look at my course brochure under Products and Courses and sign up.

Customer Testimonials

With Janet’s help, creating a co-parenting plan gave both myself and my (soon to be ex) partner a sense that we were creating a future for our children. Strangely enough, it brought us closer and now we’re finding that we’re having a lot less arguments as we sort everything out. When my kids have grown up, they won’t realise how much they have Janet to thank for. But I will.

Who is Janet Murray?

Janet Murray Janet Murray is the British author of two books on relationship transition, Essential Divorce Wisdom and New Single You and has a thriving private practice as a top divorce coach working with individual clients. She created as a way to share her work with a wider audience and help as many people as possible. Janet thought she was up for most challenges. She had a successful career in the corporate world as an international broker for Shell UK before her two sons were born then, ... (Learn more ...)

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